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stay in or out

An indication that the market is nearing its peak . “The timing of the retail investors tends to be terrible,” said Jonathan Pond, an independent investment adviser from Massachusetts who manages about $ 200 million. “These deposits may be an indicator that the market is nearing its peak.” Earlier this month, Blackrock Investment Fund CEO […]

best tips – buy or sell

Netflix stock (315.10 -3.11%) Is now down by about 0.5%, and thus the streaming giant is down for a second day. The company dropped 11% last night on the eve of the publication of a decline in the number of users of the company in the US for the first time since 2011.American Express confirmed […]

bonds or stocks

Back to 2018. At the beginning of February, the Fed began to reduce its balance sheet. It is important to emphasize that the Fed’s balance sheet is actually a commitment that the Fed has to the banks, and it is recorded in the banks’ balance sheet as an asset. Therefore, when the Fed’s balance sheet […]

best stocks to buy!

Leading indexes on European stock markets closed lower, led by the German DAX, which shed 0.9%. The French CAC fell 0.3% and the British FTSE lost 0.6%. On Wall Street, indices are losing up to 0.4% in the background for the rest of the reporting season.The price of Bitcoin is recovering from the declines recorded […]

today in wall sreet

The second trading day for this week o . Among the small companies, the company updated Medigos last weekend (47 + 12.17%) Received a first commercially significant order for an integrated medical vision device, and its share jumped by 10%. Apollo Power (144 + 15.85%) Has updated the allocation of shares it plans to hold […]

wall street stocks

The TASE’s IPO was launched: the sale of about a third of the shares to the public at a value of NIS 700 millionThe draft prospectus indicates that the managers will be able to hold 7.8% of its shares, that the tension in management and employee relations has reached a stage and that activity on […]

nasdaq report

Due to Cambridge Analytics: Facebook was fined $ 5 billionAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the US Federal Trade Commission has decided to impose a fine on the company. Facebook has already retired $ 3 billion for the fineThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to impose a $ 5 billion fine on Facebook, the […]

5 stocks to buy

The Globes-Prometheus sub-index Life Sciences increased by 3.1% in June. At the same time, the TA-Biomed index rose 5.1%, while the Nasdaq Biotechnology index se. Expectations of a large industry weakness, change in ownership structure, regulatory risk and many other factors may be expected. In the case of Teva, the market is obviously concerned about […]

10 Tips for perfect photo

Big investment companies such as Blackrock, Infesco and State Street have invested millions in building a new type of investment: the ETN of bonds, the idea was to bind two separate markets by tying up bonds traded slowly to light -speed funds. Like a mutual fund, an ETF includes hundreds of bonds under a single […]

wall street report

Tracking 20 senior officials over seven years: An Israeli start-up has uncovered a worldwide cyber attack The attackers obtained access to call details and cams, as well as the location details of hundreds of millions of users. • In fact, the ability was used to monitor 20 senior government officials in different countries. • Israeli […]

5 stocks to buy NOW!

Trump accuses the ECB of manipulating the foreign exchange markets Trump does this again when he chirps that the morning announcement of the ECB is designed to weaken the euro against the dollar. The foreign exchange market responds with volatility A few hours after the speech by ECB Chairman Mario Draghi, which hinted at further […]

US government

  These companies have an advantage over the country.   “It is important for regulators to understand that they can not shape the economy, and if they want to formulate the right policy, they should be aware of their capabilities – but also recognize their limitations.   “Even in terms of the legal battle – […]

the US GDP

  Close to exhausting the possibilities of action The bank is limited in its ability to operate its traditional tool set, as the limited response in European markets demonstrates, Draghi said. The euro rose even though easing monetary policy should weaken it. The German 10-year bond yield fell to a new low, but the rest […]

Fed interest

  “Fed interest rate cuts have not always helped the markets over time, but when a solution has been provided to the economic problems that were behind me.” If the US president can get the Fed to cut interest rates and within a short period of time to reach understandings with the Chinese, “We believe […]

Warren Buffett

The Ten Commandments for Warren Buffett’s Investment Want to know how Warren Buffett became a legendary investor? That’s what he’s been saying for the last few decades. Keeping up with his investment rules is not easy, but it probably pays off Want to know how Warren Buffett became a legendary investor? That’s what he’s been […]

Discount bank

  Discount’s value on the stock exchange has risen 150% since Ass-Topilsky took office. The value of the bank today stands at NIS 16.48 billion, while at the beginning of its tenure as CEO it was NIS 6.59 billion in adjusted values.   Shaul Kobrinsky, chairman of Discount’s board of directors, is now expected to […]

regulation of cryptographic

  The struggle over the question of regulation of cryptographic currencies depends on the degree to which the value of the coin rests on the commercial potential of a particular society. To date, regulators have recognized only a few crispo coins as sufficiently distributed to exempt them from government control. The SEC’s enforcement team has […]

Pitango rewiew

  In a conversation with “Globes”, Harel explained that “the fund will invest in medical devices, digital health, drug development, agatech (agricultural technology) and podtech (innovation in food), and in the past we have focused most of our efforts in the field of life sciences. We believe that in the designated fund, medical equipment and […]

Facebook report

  To entice the user to choose the option the company wants, such as automatically syncing contacts with Facebook’s Messenger app, an arrow jumps up and down below the confirmation button. The company also did not offer an option of refusal, but only “expandable”.   When users clicked on “expand”, Facebook again tried to persuade […]

Wall Street futures

  Wall Street futures are trading at slight gains of up to 0.35%.   European stock exchanges are trading at this hour with price hikes. Thus, the CAC index (5,380.67 + 1.94%) The French is now up 1.45%, the FTSE index (7,327.23 + 0.93%) The British is up about 0.8% and the Dex (12,078.38 + […]

Celebs without makeup

Tyra Banks Two purchases a day for Palo Alto: Acquire PureSec Globes’ correspondent reported that Palo Alto has acquired Twistelock from Herzliya and announced that the deal is worth $ 410 million. Palo Alto has published reports: it beat forecasts for the current quarter and missed its profit forecast for the next quarter . . […]

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