Shirtless Bieber – Justin turned 21 and he celebrated it in his own way

Shirtless Bieber – What did Bieber do on his 21st birthday?

Justin Bieber, one of the most popular teen star isn’t teen anymore. On Sunday 1st March, the young heartthrob has turned 21. Like any other celebrity, he spent the night before his birthday partying with friends and champagne along with sharing snaps and posts over the social network.

Shirtless Bieber

What’s so special about it?

None of things Bieber did seem special? Well, the special part is that Bieber spent the night shirtless! You were made to do it also on many of your birthdays by your friends? Well, the difference is Bieber, being shirtless cuddled around some hottest stars. His pal Hailey Baldwin and his rumored former crush Yovanna Ventura – both posted an intimate moment with shirtless Bieber.

Shirtless Bieber

Shirtless Bieber


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