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Messi Failed and Dwayne Serving Obama – Celebrities Briff

Meet the worthy king & prophet like personality, Dwayne arrived D.C & get to know why he is so proud or Watch some girls who doesn’t know anything about beauty – etc many more top posts worth reading on today’s Celebrities Briff

Advice From Joel, Reach For The Stars

Don’t settle for mediocrity when you were created for greatness. Know who you are.
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Proud Dwayne Arrived, Serving Barack Obama

Just touched – our nation’s capitol. Hosting “Christmas in Washington” for Barack Obama, the First Family, our great nation and somewhere my arresting officer when I was a teen is shaking his head in disbelief.
#ImQuietlyShakingMyHeadToo #ImOneGratefulMan #SomeonePunchMeCauseImDreaming #ButNotInMyFace #CauseIAlreadyExfoliated
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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Barcelona Held, Messi & Suarez Failed

La Liga, Jornada 15. Penúltimo partido de la competición liguera en este año 2014.
La Liga, Match 15. Penultimate match of 2014 in the league
Getafe vs FC Barcelona
Leo Messi
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Worthy King & Prophet Sent By God

New York, Washington square Park- 2 PM TODAY!!!!!!!!
Keyshia Cole
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All The Wishes Comes True For Taylor

When you’re making wish, but you already have all you really need standing around you.
Taylor Swift
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Random Funny Pics By Ellen

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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See The World With Bob’s Eyes

The Wailers’ #SoulRebels album was released this month in 1970! #TodayInBobsLife
Bob Marley
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Girls Who Have No Idea About Beauty

not in the history of ratchetry…
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Wish For All The Fans

I hope you have a GREAT day!
成龍 Jackie Chan
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Celebrities Beautiful Lady, Real Center of Attraction

Peachy keen.
Charlize Theron
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