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X-Men: The Stories

Loved the TV show, comics or movies? This long-running franchise has made fans from all ages and generations. Here are some of our favorite stories and fun facts about this great series! Did you know that Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine, took ice-cold showers every morning? It started by accident, when he hopped into the […]

Suspicious Boyfriend Funny Tweets

Funny Tweets To Make You Laugh

These Funny Tweets Are Hilarious Twitter is nowadays a great medium of expressing your feelings. People all over the world tweets about their ideas, views and feelings. Celebrities use this social media platform to engage with people. Share their thoughts, emotion and reaction about something. But sometimes the twitter can be a great funny place […]

cat's memes

Funny Pictures That Explain Accurately The Faulty Logic Of Cats – Cats Memes

Funny Pictures That Explain Accurately The Faulty Logic Of Cats – Cats Memes Unlike dogs, the rationale behind them is quite simple and clear – whatever makes them happy and satisfied. In cats it’s different story. The logic of these creatures, they apparently direct descendants of Satan (cat owners, do not get angry, we’re just trying to […]

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