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4. University of Salamanca, Spain

Top 10 Active Ancient Universities in The World

Ancient Universities are considered as the pillar of modern education. These universities have great influence on today’s revolution in education. It also announces the rich civilizations. How rich a civilization was, can be measured by their level of education system. Morocco and Egypt have the oldest one under the Muslim Civilization, whereas European countries like […]

Beautiful Galaxy Bedding

Bring The Beautiful Galaxy At Your Home

Surely You’d Love These Beautiful Galaxy Themed House ware People were curious about the space from the beginning of the humankind on this very earth. They tried their best to list the name of the stars and planets. Arranged them according to their nature and blend them within their everyday life. It might never be […]

London Bridge

Fairylike design proposals for the London Bridge

Whichever design gets selected, this London Bridge is going to be awesome! Oh! How architects love designing bridges. Architects usually goes mad, and sometimes reach to their full height of creative potential, when it comes to design a bridge. Just ask any Londoners, whom all love to roam around the stunning and iconic Tower Bridge. […]