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wall street weekend report

If the acquisition goes ahead as planned, Broadcom will likely have to slash Symantec’s spending while maintaining stable revenues. Currently, the companies have not responded to reports of their contacts. In 2011 Intel also made a similar move when it acquired McAfee for $ 7.7 billion, but in 2016 it sold most of its shares […]

wall street report. stocks to buy

Oklahoma is on the way to a compromise agreement with Teva, the debate will take place tomorrow Oklahoma Governor Arrives in Deal with Attorney General on $ 85 Mln Formation of Israeli Drug Company As part of the compromise agreement on the painkillers’ affair, the governor of Oklahoma has reached an agreement with the US […]

Best 12 tips for a perfect photo!

Love Instegram or facebook? More lot of LIKE and Followers? Then you will love this article! I bet you don’t know most of these behind the scenes stories and trivia. Plus there are great photos and a video at the end! Practice in front of the mirror: Find the right angle to shoot in front […]

earn 1000 dollar in TEVA

For the second time in three weeks: Credit Suisse lowered Teva’s target price against legal risks The bank is now setting a target price of $ 14 per share, compared to $ 18 earlier, and compared to $ 20, which was the target price of three weeks ago. • The lowering of Credit Suisse’s target […]

  Summary of the bank that collapsed: Deutsche Bank at an historic low A series of financial scandals and the payment of heavy fines are only part of the difficult image problem that has accompanied Deutsche Bank for years. But even when its share is trading at a low of more than 30 years, its […]

NFX startup

Israel. According to Levy, all the investors in the first fund participated and increased their investment in the second fund, and even three new investors joined. The fund invests in projects that focus on the “network effect”, meaning that every user on the network benefits from joining another user. Some notable examples are Facebook and […]

5 best investments

  A generous dividend of NIS 102 million The Board of Directors of Altshuler Shaham Gemel and Pension adopted a dividend distribution policy last week, according to which “subject to the provisions of the law, compliance with the minimum capital requirements and restrictions imposed on it by virtue of the financing agreements, and subject to […]

Hot Israeli Startup Companies 2015 - Startup Nation

The 28 hottest Israeli startups of 2015

The Startup Nation The always-hot Israeli startup scene has been going even more bonkers lately. We already know Waze, Wix, Fiverr, Taboola and other innovative startups. Now, 2015 has been a record-breaker for VC funding. The valuations of young companies are skyrocketing and private-equity bankers have arrived in droves, as have Chinese investors. It all adds up […]

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