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broad city what's next

Broad City: Must Know Stories

Yassss, kween! Broad City has finally released the trailer for Season 3 and we.can’t.wait to see what our favorite stoner-go-lucky funnygirls are up to! This show not only  consistently provides big laughs, it shows two strong female leads who live their lives exactly as they damn please. We love Abbi and Ilana for their wild […]

annie hall header

Annie Hall: Trivia and Fun Facts

No matter what you think of Woody Allen personally, it’s undeniable that he has changed American cinema for the better. With an impressive range of films under his belt, this writer-director-actor is an undeniable creative genius. Allen is making the news again, for positive reasons this time! The 80 year old has recently announced that […]

Are you serious Funny Signs

Funny Signs – Epic Fails to Make You Laugh

These funny signs can test your humor We use sign for various reasons. Generally, sign is used to indicate or describe important and useful information. Use of sign has a huge background and it has great impact on the human civilization. In the course of time, people use signs with deep thoughts and great outcomes. […]

Long term Plan Ex Texts

Funny Ex Texts With Hilarious Replies

Ex Texts – Funniest Texts from Your Ex which anyone can relate to Relationship is a serious matter and the break-up is an emotional incident. Is it nowadays? People changes from time to time. If we consider the people from 50 years ago, you’d find my first line true. But nowadays it is so mainstream […]

Extra Smooches Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl – The Sexiest way to live

These Yoga Girl photos are sexy in a healthy way Yoga is one of the most effective and most appealing fitness exercises in the world. It’s appealing to the girls, because it helps massively to burn out every bit of their extra fat, while providing a much healthier mind, along with a body with the […]

Sad Elephant

Amazing Story illustration of a Sad Elephant

Illustrated story of this Sad Elephant is clearly a fiction of great empathy There was a big elephant who led a miserable life. On the day it was born, its mother dies. The father elephant puts the blame on it and left it alone. It had a big, gigantic body that it couldn’t fit into […]

London Bridge

Fairylike design proposals for the London Bridge

Whichever design gets selected, this London Bridge is going to be awesome! Oh! How architects love designing bridges. Architects usually goes mad, and sometimes reach to their full height of creative potential, when it comes to design a bridge. Just ask any Londoners, whom all love to roam around the stunning and iconic Tower Bridge. […]

WrestleMania 31: great moments in history

WrestleMania 31: great moments in history WrestleMania 31 2015 is coming,  and we feel the madness. In honor of the big wrestling event of the year, we have assembled the greatest moments in the history of WrestleMania – Muhammad Ali, to Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. And what battles we are […]

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