Starbucks Fake Cafe – Could it be better than the original?

Starbucks Fake Cafe

Just when you think that Starbucks are about to finally conquer every spot on this Earth… It seems that in some places, you can still find Starbucks fake cafe. And some of them are just so funny…


Could the Starbucks Fake Cafe be better than the original?

Here are 14 photos of fake Starbucks places. Some of them can be very funny and interesting. Don’t you think?


This is simply amazing – right next to each other in a main mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Wow!

Starbucks Fake 1 Star Back Cafe Thailand


Who wants a cup of Sunbucks?

Starbucks Fake 2 Sunbucks Coffee


Visiting Hebron, the local Palestinians know their coffee…

Fake Starbucks 3 Stars and Bucks Palestine


China is hope to some of the funniest Starbucks knock-offs.

Starbucks Fake 4 Chinese Starbucks


The Dumb Starbucks was forced to change its name. America.

Fake Starbucks 5 Dumb Starbucks


Not sure that this is in fact a cafe at all. Hmmm…

Fake Starbucks 6 Star Fucks Porn Queen


More Funny Starbucks Knock-offs

Starbucks Fake 7 SFFCCCKS China

Fake Starbucks 8 Setarbak Kopi Thailand

Starbucks Fake 9 Himalaya

Fake Starbucks 10 Qingdao Starsbuck Coffee

Starbucks Fake 11 Starbocks

Fake Starbucks 11 Storebucks Place

Fake Starbucks 11 USABucks Coffee

Starbucks Fake 12 Starbox Coffee


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