Nude Calligraphy – This artist paints on nude models breaking art boundaries

Nude Calligraphy

Nude calligraphy is a new form of art. This brilliant street artist paints original handmade calligraphy on nude models, breaking all artistic boundaries. The results of this combination of sexy, nudity, artistic writing and excellent photography are striking. While we did pixelate the sensitive areas (namely, nipples and vagina), it’s not entirely safe for work. The link for the source and many more photos is all the way down. Browse with caution. Enjoy!

9 Amazing Photos of Nude Calligraphy

Nude Calligraphy 1 - Beautiful Naked Art

Nude Calligraphy 9 - Full Naked

Nude Calligraphy 8 - Beautiful

Nude Calligraphy 7 Naked Hot

Nude Calligraphy 6 Cross

Nude Calligraphy 5 Amazing Naked

Meet the artist behind these interesting works:

Nude Calligraphy 4 Artist

Nude Calligraphy 3 Black and White

Nude Calligraphy 2 - Amazing Naked Angel


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This collection of nude calligraphy photographs is part of the art creations of the artist Pokras Lampas. In his website, you can view the original photos in full resolution, many more photographs and also videos from behind the scenes. Please be advised that it includes full nudity. If you wish to share the exclusively edited photos in which the sensitive areas have been pixelated, please be sure to give full credit to with a link back.

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