What If Humans Disappeared?

What If Humans Disappeared?


A lot of crazy stuff would happen if humans suddenly disappeared – but which do you find most fascinating? Is there anything you would add to this list?

First, let’s watch the video:


Consumerism and exploitation of the earth’s resources contribute to the destruction of the Earth – is a well known fact. Environmental arena often heard claims that man is the greatest enemy of the environment and population growth does not bode well in this respect. But what if there are no people on the planet?

A new documentary will be broadcast in the UK in about a month, and will provide a special glimpse into the world to be held here when there will be more people around. Meanwhile became a book on the same subject – “The world without us” – a bestseller in the US and channel broadcast this weekend, “National Geographic” to tell the American version.

The book and film also talk about the disappearance of humans resulting from non-violent – that is not nuclear holocaust, but a deadly virus that harms human beings and animals, for example.

Control of water would be the first thing that goes wrong when there are no people to man the pumps, preventing our cities drown. According to the film, in a day of disappearing people, all in subway tunnels flooded with water. The next step is the zoo. Hungry animal cages and stroll a break in the streets. Then begin nuclear plants go bad. When there are no more people to supervise the activities, the cooling circuits of miners went out of use, and radioactive cloud emitted into the air. The amount of radioactive fallout being ejected into the air will be so great that the radiation prevail on Earth for millions of years.

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