Fat Celebrities – How would our beloved stars look with a plus size makeover?

Fat Celebrities – How would our beloved stars look with a plus size makeover?

This Photoshop artist recreates our favorite people as amazingly realistic fat celebrities

“Let go of the shackle of your imagination and watch the celebrities as fat.” Here are Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and many other beautiful celebrities in their fat version. And be sure not to miss the fat version of Katy Perry!

Recently I overheard a conversation where the speaker was baffled to resonate the obsession about getting slimmer day by day. His argument was that the classic film stars looked much better in their natural shape. I agree that my speaker wasn’t the only person having this view. David Lopera, a 20 year old digital artist was one of them. He felt that Katy Perry would look better with an extra bit of fat and used Photoshop to satisfy his mind. Guess what? After sharing his work via the internet, he was overwhelmed to see people from all parts of the world felt the same. He has received around 200 requests to make the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence a bit chubby. So, chubby chasers, here we are, compiled some Mr. Lopera’s best work to satisfy your fascination.

Rosalina – The Fat Celebrity Version
Rosalina Fat Celebrities

Rita Ora – The Fat Celebrity Version
Rita Ora Fat Celebrities

Rashida Jones – The Fat Celebrity Version
Rashida Jones Fat Celebrities

Mila Kunis – The Fat Celebrity Version
Mila Kunis Fat Celebrities

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