Killed 160 Terrorists – And Killed In a Shooting Gallery Chris Kyle The Sniper

Killed 160 Terrorists – And Killed In a Shooting Gallery Chris Kyle The Sniper

Chris Kyle, who is considered the deadliest sniper in the history of the US Army and earned the nickname “The Devil of Ramadi”, was murdered while shooting range in Texas for reasons still unclear. “I never bothered me to kill a man”, he once said Kyle. “What bothered me is that those who could save ”

US authorities issued today (Sunday) arrested a suspect in the murder of Chris Kyle – who is considered the deadliest sniper in the history of the US military and national hero of the United States. Kyle, who served for many years sea lion units, was killed yesterday after he and another man were not released details of civilian shooting range in Texas. Americans, as well as many of the world, were known Kyle Ramada Satan “- over 160 assassinations were counted in whose favor from his service in Iraq approved. This quantity puts it on the list of the most deadly snipers armed forces of the United States.

Kyle was born in Odessa, Texas, the son of parents who worked in education, but an early age went deadly firepower. His first gun at the age of 8. Received before the army was a professional rodeo rider, but the interviews in the past told profession, dangerous must be said, was not challenging enough. Kyle went to the recruiting office of the Marines, but it was closed because local recruiter was at lunch. His luck trying Navy recruitment office, where he was offered to try to get through the most difficult tests of the Navy Silas and from there it was all history.
His service commando unit from 1999 onwards underwater sabotage unit of Silas. At the outbreak of the second Iraq war was Kyle, then 3 team, fighter, one of the first to get there. Until that day was the highlight of the American snipers on 109 – a record set during the Vietnam War. Kyle’s first hit was a woman sniper Iraqi grenade approached by a group of US marines stationed at the checkpoint. In his book “American Sniper” says Kyle that he hesitated at first, but eventually shot her before he detonated the grenade and saved the soldiers.

Terrorist organizations offered a reward on his head
Almost every day, Kyle returned to base with at least one X on the butt and sometimes more. Very quickly he earned the nickname “The Devil of Ramadi” and got on the radar of terrorists in Iraq proposed by the head of the sniper prize of 20 thousand dollars to anyone who might destroy him. This award came in a few months to 80 thousand dollars. But that did not stop the daring sniper who served a total of four rounds in Iraq and was participated in all major battles of this war. By the way does not include classified operations in which he participated in places like Afghanistan and other countries.




During the battle for Fallujah settled into the apartment and made Kyle stood opposite her baby bed mattress set. Along with Kyle eliminated observer bomber approached all combat units and a total of more than 40. In 2008 Kyle got the shot long run of his career. He was armed with a sniper rifle PGM type 338, its effective range is about 1,400 meters. Kyle noticed a group of rebels preparing to fire rockets at US military convoy outside the city Sadar. He killed all the cell ranges of 1,920 meters, including the launchers.

His service in Iraq was not easy and in total it ourselves shot twice in addition to six times was a vehicle struck a roadside bomb. Iraq is left after that eliminated 160 rebels. By the way the Pentagon claim that the amount of assassinations stands at 255 but there are clear procedures for approval of sniping and therefore not all Kyle’s killings were recorded. To be sure, this is still a very deadly sniper. He won quite a few medals, including two Bronze Star, Bronze Star five times and more.



“I never bothered me to kill a man”
In 2009 he decided to leave the army to save his marriage. As a citizen participated in the reality show (subject weapons of course) and got used to the comfortable suburban life. In addition, published a book that sums up his service elite unit, “American Sniper”, and founded the company “Kraft International” has trained police and army units in urban combat and weapons.

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