clueless emma

The Most Clueless Stories Ever!

Ugh, as if! This movie might be over 20 years old, but it still feels like yesterday that we were breathlessly watching Alicia Silverstone learn

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The Best of Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn plays a delightfully quirky (call?) girl with a heart of gold in this classic from the ’60s. Most of us have had a Breakfast

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Who Remembers Napoleon Dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite, the often confusing, always weird, unfailingly hilarious movie from 2004 left everyone with a deep appreciation for llamas, puffy sleeves, and glamour photography.

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Full Metal Jacket: The Trivia

Stanley Kubrick is a versatile and incredible filmmaker – from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Eyes Wide Shut, his repertoire has stunned and amazed those

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All The Stories You Missed From Clerks!

Who loved the stoner-go-lucky 1994 movie, Clerks? Kevin Smith’s debut, it became a cult classic with bored suburban kids everywhere who identified with the soul-crushing

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X-Men: The Stories

Loved the TV show, comics or movies? This long-running franchise has made fans from all ages and generations. Here are some of our favorite stories

Ghostbusters Is Back!

Who remembers the amazing Ghostbusters movie from 1984? Slime, marshmallows, and three guys battling ghosts all over the city. This was a well-loved movie for a

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Star Wars Mistakes & Easter Eggs

Even the most die-hard Star Wars fans probably missed these mistakes! We’ve found the craziest mistakes you probably missed, plus some really cool stories we

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The Matrix: Best Stories and Facts!

If you lived through the early aughts, you lived through The Matrix mania. This futuristic trilogy blew people’s minds with its deep, philosophical undertones, futuristic

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The Godfather: Get The Stories!

The Godfather, released in 1972, was an instant classic for a reason. Based on an equally spellbinding novel by Mario Puzo, this adaptation by Francis

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Friends Finally Returns!

Yes! The day we’ve been waiting for since 2004 has finally come. NBC has confirmed that we will soon be able to see our favorite

broad city what's next

Broad City: Must Know Stories

Yassss, kween! Broad City has finally released the trailer for Season 3 and we.can’t.wait to see what our favorite stoner-go-lucky funnygirls are up to! This

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Annie Hall: Trivia and Fun Facts

No matter what you think of Woody Allen personally, it’s undeniable that he has changed American cinema for the better. With an impressive range of

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Pulp Fiction: Trivia and Little-Known Facts

Pulp Fiction, Revisited (Don’t miss the great video!) Quentin Tarantino, hugely talented filmmaker and director, has made many iconic films, but Pulp Fiction might just

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Radiohead – Back on Stage

Radiohead Returns Our favorite alt-rock/punk/jazz/experimental/all-around awesome band have finally announced their tour dates for 2016! Radiohead, the iconic and brilliant five-man-band have been quiet the

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A Clockwork Orange: Little-Known Facts

Loved Stanley Kubrick’s disturbing, futuristic film? A cult classic, this movie inspires many discussions, but did you know all the weird and interesting things that happened

The Fifth Element Secrets

The Fifth Element: Revealed

Are you a fan of The Fifth Element? Then you just have to read this article! It is filled with great photos and fun facts

The Wire Secrets

The Wire: Revealed

Love The Wire? Then you will love this article! It is full of surprising stories and crazy facts from behind the scenes. Plus great photos

Cutest Mud Babies Video

Cutest Mud Babies Video

Cutest Mud Babies Video Free. Happy. Dirty. That’s how I would wish my kids be every day of the summer. This is one of the

So Cute Lemur Video

So Cute Lemur – Video Briff

This video has gone viral for one reason – it is sooooo cute! Gentle, big eyed, slow and simply cute, the video of a lemur

Bree Olson

10 of the Richest Female Pornstars

  10 of the Richest Female Pornstars   Sex ad? Or sex pornstar? this is the top earners in the Adult Entertainment Industry   1. Tori

Petting Lemur

Petting Lemur – Cutest Video

This one minute video: Petting Lemur comes with a special guarantee – you will be ohhhing and then on search for a massage yourself… Enjoy

Petting Owl Briff Me

Petting Owl – Cutest Video

This one minute video: Petting Owl comes with a guarantee – you will be ohhhing… Enjoy and share!   Petting Owl is Officially a Viral

Lucky People Amazing Video

Lucky People – Video Briff

Scroll Down for the Video! The train races behind this fellow who doesn’t even notice it… What happens next? Prepare yourself for 4 minutes of

Star Wars in real life

Star Wars in Real Life – Video Briff

Following the viral explosion of the supposedly leaked Star Wars Episode VII filmset footage featuring a Star Wars airport in real life, here are the