Cat Stuck Video – This father gives his son a lesson for life

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Cat Stuck in a Tin Can

This video taken with a smartphone shows us a father giving his son a lesson for life about humanity. The Facebook user Dror Yehuda notices a cat stuck with it head in a tin can. Instead of walking away, he stopped and decided to save the cat. With small hand pliers and a lot of patience, he slowly cuts the tin can. His son takes the video with a smartphone asking his dad to be sure to avoid the cat’s ears. And what a lesson for life…!

This son will grow up be a better person. Watch, share and remember to squash your cans to save cats!


Cat Stuck? Squash tin cans before putting them to recycle!

It’s not funny. Cats could be seriously injured when thy’re stuck in cans. Cats will often wander in streets and gardens and are attracted to refuse bags. There, within trashed food cans, they search for leftovers. And it can get dangerous. This is why the Bristish animal charity RSPCA called people to squash your cans before placing them in rubbish bags.

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