Broad City: Must Know Stories

Broad City: Must Know Stories


Yassss, kween! Broad City has finally released the trailer for Season 3 and we.can’t.wait to see what our favorite stoner-go-lucky funnygirls are up to! This show not only  consistently provides big laughs, it shows two strong female leads who live their lives exactly as they damn please.

We love Abbi and Ilana for their wild hijinks, don’t-give-a-f*** attitude, and geniune portrayal of female friendship, warts and all. So grab your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, pepper spray, and a L’il Wayne blanket and get ready for February 17!

From how they got their start to the inspiration between some of their best sketches, we’ve put together some of our favorite facts about these gals! Starting with…

They’re real life friends!
broad city best friends

The show, for all its ridiculous plotlines, always feels very relatable. This is probably because their characters are based off of younger versions of themselves, at 19 (Ilana) and 22 (Abbi.)  They met at the Upright Citiczens Brigade improv school.

What job mimics real life?

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