Clone Animated GIF – The Newly Created Art Forms Everyone’s Going To Talk About yesss111

Clone Animated GIF – The Newly Created Art Form Everyone’s Going To Talk About

ErdalInci and his stunning pieces of clone animated GIFs

“Clone of a same person creating infinite video loop in animated GIF forms”
Photography, or Selfie to be precise is not the only thing capturing in the virtual world. Many forms of videography and animations are also strengthening its foot with the gift of technological inventions. People all over the world are experimenting and coming up with new inventions – however, a few of them are brilliant enough to catch a widespread popularity. Turkish photographer, film maker and graffiti artist ErdalInciis one of those few experimentalists as his creation clone animated GIF is earning rave reviews for its artistic brilliance and magnificent beauty. The artist has brilliantly cloned himself in the video to create an infinite loop of movement. Here are some of his brilliant works that are certain to hypnotize your eyes.

Light Cube Clone Animated GIF
Jumping Clone Animated GIF
Can you see them?
Invisible Clone Animated GIF

Circle Clone Animated GIF
Beach time Jodging
Beach Clone Animated GIF

Balancing Clone Animated GIF
Artistic Beauty
Amazing Art Clone Animated GIF
Love it?
Playing with Light Clone Animated GIF

Playing with Fire Clone Animated GIF
Then play with fire
Playing with Fire 2 Clone Animated GIF

Light Work Clone Animated GIF

Life is a never-ending infinite loop
Loop Clone Animated GIF

Throwing Clone Animated GIF

Running like a marathon race
Running Like Marathon Clone Animated GIF

Stair Clones Animated GIF

Having some fun time
Sliding Clones Animated GIF

Relax Walk Clone Animated GIF

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