Epic Selfie Fail – It’s Funnier When It Fails!


Selfie Fail LOL – Take a close look at the reflection behind those 16 photos

“A close look to selfie fails can bring out some LOL facts, only to make it more awesome. Be sure not to take one yourself though!”

Selfies are mostly fun. A selfie here, a selfie there captures the moments of life that one’s care. It has become a part and parcel of our lives in recent years, and the trend is booming all the time. However, a little bit more obsession can bring carelessness while taking it, and thus can capture things you probably don’t want the world to see, only to increase the viewer’s interest in most sarcastic ways. Here 16 epic selfie fails that caused a stir of laughter among the online citizens.


16 Epic Selfie Fails

One hand on coffee, another hand on phone. Super safe driving.

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Busted Epic Fail

Reflection Epic Fail


Watch your mirror while taking selfie

Watch Your Mirror Epic Fail

Face Hiding Selfie Fail


Very Cute Photo, please remove the mirror

Nude Mirror Guy Selfie Fails


Nasty Seduction

Seduction Selfie Fails

Traffic Selfie Fails

Randomness Selfie Fails

Baby Sees

Baby Sees Selfie Fails

Kiss Selfie Fails

Guess what’s coming next. It’s the funniest fail ever!!

Funniest Selfie Fail


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