Funny Photos – Unfortunate turn of events…err…camera!


Funny photos that you haven’t seen yet

“The personnel in these funny photos would rather forget about it”
We love to take photos and show them off to our friends. We love to collect photos to travel back the time. Unfortunately, sometimes luck can play mischievously while taking a photo. A bad taste, a light passing by or just a moment captured at the perfectly wrong time – all of this while captured by a camera can cause a stir of laughter in years to come. In fact, some photos are so embarrassing that the subject would rather not talk about it. Have a look at these 18 miserably funny photos.


Girl Funny Photos

Girl sitting between the legs. Oh, wait…


Basketball Funny Photos

That’s not the basket, you faggot!


Spurs Lakers Funny Photos

Oh! I love how you smell darling!





Figure Skating Funny Photos

Figure skating or figure unveiling?


Theme Park Funny Photos

Don’t touch urine, kiddo!


Tevez and Ferdinand Funny Photos

Stop! That’s not where the ball (?!) is!


Oops Funny Photo

A sexy pair of legs and….


Mascara Funny Photo

Putting mascara was never this yummy!


Licking Funny Photo

Yak! It’s gross.


Beach Funny Photo

Photobombing at its absolute best.


Summer Olympics Funny Photo

Do you have to do it here? Now?


Screw Yourself Funny Photos

Screw yourself, literally!


Vomit Funny Photos

Don’t drink! Especially before riding a roller-coaster.


George W. Bush Funny Photos

Enough with the president with a women shit!


Family Funny Photo

Grandpa with giant balls!

Golf Funny Photo

Forget golf, we are cumming!


Panty Funny Photo

Oh! That cute little… umm… bottom!


Blowjob Funny Photo

Open Happiness. I mean seriously!

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