The Most Awesome Teachers You Have Ever Known

These teachers are as awesome as anybody in the world

We always hear about the one or two jackass students, who simply makes us awestruck with their highly clever antics. However, although very short in numbers, teachers are no way behind in this particular department. Sometimes, they seem cleverer, funnier and obviously way too smarter than their pupils. Just look back at your teachers and you are sure to find one of those. Ironically, ormay be naturally, we find those teachers more inspiring and more popular, who can or has changed many of our lives for good with just a tip of their hand over our head. So, let’s get introduced with some of those inspiring, yet badass teachers who have gone well beyond the awesome level.


Yearbook Fun

Yearbook Fun Awesome Teachers

Yearbook Fun 2 Awesome Teachers


Yearbook photo of a history teacher

Yearbook Fun History Teacher Awesome Teachers


Clock of an exam hall

Time is passing Awesome Teachers

Teacher Skates Awesome Teachers


Photo with the sleeping student

Sleeping Student Awesome Teachers


This teacher is wearing same cloth for 40 years

Same Cloth for 40 years Awesome Teachers


Playing with fire

Playing with fire Awesome Teachers

Pencil Awesome Teachers


Teacher wearing pajamas to protest the early morning exam

Pajama Awesome Teacher

Art teacher created this statue and placed outside school premises

Monster Statue Awesome Teacher

Homework Awesome Teacher

Funny Doodle Awesome Teachers

Fundraising Genius Awesome Teacher


Drinks Break

Drinking Student's Tears Awesome Teacher

Chemistry Teacher Awesome Teachers


Chalkboard drawings to inspire students

Chalkboard Drawing Awesome Teacher

Chalkboard Drawing 3 Awesome Teacher

Chalkboard Drawing 2 Awesome Teachers

Cats are liquids Physics Teacher Awesome Teacher


This teacher got this abandoned kitten in the street, took it and teaching students how to treat pet animals

Abandoned Kittens Awesome Teachers

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