Shock – It looks a lot cuter in the animal’s face

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WTF?! The shock on their cute faces is hilarious

“Come on man! Don’t be shocked like an animal!”
We are all kings in our own kingdom! And all the animals are too. However, do they quarrel? Do they go into a relationship? Do they break up? We don’t know the answer to these questions, maybe a researcher does. Anyway, we are sure that they get shocked! Or else why do they give these shocking expressions? Why if there is nothing to be shocked about? If their life is simple! Well, I think I should stop questioning and let you find out!


1. Walrus

Walrus Shock


2. Turtle

Turtle Shock


3. Seal

Seal Shock


4. Polar Bear

Polar Bear Shock


5. Owl

Owl Shock

Owl 2 Shock


6. Otter

Otter Shock


7. Ostrich

Ostrich Shock


8. Mousey

Mousey Shock


9. Leopard

Leopard Shocks


10. Koala

Koala Shocks


11. Howler

Howler Shocks


12. Hippo

Hippo Shocks


13. Goat

Goat Shocks


14. Elephant

Elephant Shock


15. Cow

Cow Shocks


16. Cat

Cat Shocks


17. Border Collie

Border Collie Shock


18. Beluga

Beluga Shocks


19. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Shocks


20. Baby Gorilla

Baby Gorilla shocks

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