Hot Girls – You won’t believe the numbers and photos behind this search

Hot Girls – This is what people search for

Hot Girls. What does this term mean? If you would have to rank the following terms, which do you think gets more searches: Global Warming, Cancer Cure, Hot Girls and World Peace? Researching search patterns with Google’s tools, it turns out that millions of people search for hot girls photos. Way more times than these other important terms. Here is the graph.


Hot Girls Search Trend

Hot Girls Photos using Google Image Search

Google has the best search algorithms in the World and we can assume that their results predict well what people are actually interested in. And when you search for hot girls using the Google image search tool, you get photos of… Well, adult women in erotic poses. Porn, sexy, grown up women, mostly naked or in underwear. Here is a screenshot for reference. And we made an effort to avoid any obscene images.

Hot Girls Photos Google Image Search

How we see Hot Girls – The Truth


These results are absurd. Actually, not the results are absurd. It’s us, the human kind. Not so kind people. We finally have at the tip of our fingers access to the World’s entire knowledge. And what are we using it for? As our very own little protest, here are exclusive photos of hot girls as they should be.


Hot Girls – The Photos

These are actual girls, in preschool age, drawn simply. And they’re hot! Sure, it’s the Sahara desert, very hot there.

Hot Girls - Desert

Yes, these girls are hot! Of course, because they are in the sauna. It’s supposed to be hot there.

Hot Girls - Sauna

Hot girls, literally. You too would be hot with such fire flames behind you. This is the real and exact result for this popular search term.

Hot Girls - Flames

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This collection of photos of hot girls was exclusively created for The search results and statistics were researched with tools by Google. If you find your very own photo within this post or simply want to add specific credit – sure! Simply drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add the details.

No, we’re not entirely naive. Clearly, we are part of this culture and also take part in creating objectifying metaphors. Hopefully, this post will make you think twice about the term hot girls. If you’re actually in search for hot photos of adult women, there are photos which are not porn. For example, check out this post about Sexy, Not Porn!

There is also the official approach, where thousands of people vote to select the sexiest and hottest women. Check out this post about Hot Women – Top 5 Women of last 6 Years.

We also have a video version of these hot photos, if you want to share it onward:

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