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The Briff.me Social Channels

2,000,000 and Growing!

Briff.me brings the best of the web to a growing engaged audience, backed by several strong social channels, including Facebook pages about Fashion, Style and Makeup with over 2,000,000 fans. Here are a few examples:

Fashion on Facebook with over 850,000 fans.
Makeup on Facebook with over 870,000 fans.
Short Jeans and Style on Facebook with over 270,000 fans.
Sexy Tattoos on Facebook with over 195,000 fans.

And of course our home base at Briff.me on Facebook.

Briff Me

Top Posts And Trending stories.

We hear you. That’s why we bring you the briff of what’s going on. Our dedicated die-hard Facebook lovin’ editors, with a boost of technology and stuff that makes it all work, give you the top posts and trending atories from the most interesting pages in each category. Yup, you get the briff.

Life is short, Right?

So you slide into Facebook for a quick catch up and when you look up – oops! – 30 minutes are gone. You do want to check out the hottest posts, but the feed is waaaay too long. Life is too short for this, right? You want to get the top posts only. And fast.

Talk to us, OK?

You got the first taste of Briff.me in the summer of 2014 and it’s still getting better with time. We bring you the top posts only from different categories and you can get them through the Briff.me Facebook page or with a cool tool for your browser or stupidphone. Want Briff.me to get even better? Tell us how through the Contact Page. OK?

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