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Funny Sexy T-Shirt 1 - Education is Important Great Body is Importanter

5 Funny Sexy T-Shirts

5 Funny Sexy T-Shirts My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and I’m looking for good gift ideas. A funny sexy T-shirt always works well. Which one is the best? Funny Sex Quotes on T-Shirts #1: Education is IMPORTNAT, a great body is IMPORTANTER! #2 On the Internet, I’m a 15 year old girl. #3 Save […]


Monsters – The Personal Problems

Because monsters are also like humans, after all! Monsters are gigantic, terrifying and mean. They come to our house, probably to sleep with our children, only resulting in creating monstrous fear. What are they exactly? Are they humans? Well, the monsters are monsters, but they probably live like humans, with all the tensions and worries; […]

Playing with fire Awesome Teachers

The Most Awesome Teachers You Have Ever Known

These teachers are as awesome as anybody in the world We always hear about the one or two jackass students, who simply makes us awestruck with their highly clever antics. However, although very short in numbers, teachers are no way behind in this particular department. Sometimes, they seem cleverer, funnier and obviously way too smarter […]

Embarrassing Dating Sites In Russia Creapy

Embarrassing Dating Sites In Russia Creapy If you ever wander dating sites or subscribe to some such, you probably know that one of the most important parameters to create an attractive profile for people or opposite sex, is of course, choosing a flattering and correct image, because even though your wonderful character, is no substitute […]

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl All The Hottest Memes

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl All The Hottest Memes Katy Perry is super hot this days, after the Super Bowl halftime performance the Internet is full with memes. After blazing through a slew of hits — “Teenage Dream,” “I Kissed a Girl,” Firework” — and bringing out Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, people took to Photoshop to […]

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