Text Shortcut Pranks – OMG, I’m still laughing

Text Shortcut Pranks – Funniest Ever

It goes like this. You take your friend’s or mom’s phone and switch the text shortcut from a normal word to something completely different. The results are hilarious. These pranks bring out the best our inner kids all over again. I read, laughed. Then laughed even more. And now I’m going to mess around with someone myself… LOL!

Text Shortcut Prank Ideas – Go Get Them!

Text Shortcut Pranks 13

Text Shortcut Pranks 12 acid

Text Shortcut Pranks 1


Prank explained: On his mom’s phone, he replaced “clean your room” with “F*** her right in the Pu***y”.


Text Shortcut Prank ideas 11

Text Shortcut Pranks 10





Text Shortcut Pranks 8






Text Shortcut Prank ideas 7




Text Shortcut Prank ideas 5

Text Shortcut Pranks 4


Text Shortcut Pranks 3 Herpes


Text Shortcut Pranks 2



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This collection of the best ideas for text shortcut pranks was curated and edited from photos that were all over the web by… Wait, you won’t believe this. Yes, Playboy! Finally I get to quote Playboy on something, and there’s no nudity and no sex in it at all (link). Thanks guys. If you’re off to try this prank yourself, don’t forget to send us the results. Bottom line, your target needs to be someone with minimal technical understanding. Then, in the text shortcut settings, replace a few everyday words with something out of place. For example, replace OK with Only if you F*** me. Or… You know what, use your imagination.

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