25 Synchronized Swimming Funny Photos

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These women are athletes, they are funny, they are sexy and they are extremely photogenic. Snapshots of synchronized swimmers provide the funniest photos which you just can’t have enough of. Here are 25 great synchronized swimming funny photos.

Synchronized Swimming Funny Photos

1. What the F***?

synchronized swimming funny photos 1


2. Coach, is this part of the choreography?

synchronized swimming oops photos 2


3. La la la…!

synchronized swimming funny photos 3
4. Sync swimming can be quite scary in close up.

synchronized swimming scary photos 4


5. Did I mention scary?

synchronized swimming scary photos 5


6. Fail is part of practice. The funny part of it.

synchronized swimming fail photos 6

7. So, where is this water coming from exactly?

synchronized swimming weird photos 7


8. Look away, dude, go it?!

synchronized swimming weird photos 8


9. Or else, dude, or else…!

synchronized swimming weird photos 9

10. Coach, again, are you sure this is even legal?

synchronized swimming hot photos 10


11. Um, where am supposed to go now?

synchronized swimming funny photos 11


12. Oh, yeh, this leg comes right here on top of me.

synchronized swimming funny photos 12

13. What’s going on underneath the water…?

synchronized swimming funny photos 13


14. Sometimes upside down could have a deep meaning. Not sure that it’s this time.

synchronized swimming hot photos 14


15. Are kids under 14 allowed to enter the Olympics and watch this?

synchronized swimming hot photos 15

16. So romantic, heart shaped legs.

synchronized swimming sexy photos 16


17. So comfortable here on your heads, I actually got dry.

synchronized swimming sexy photos 17


18. The double wedgie!

synchronized swimming funny photos 18

19. Human floating flowers.

synchronized swimming funny photos 19


20. Human floating… something else.

synchronized swimming funny photos 20


21. What time is at according to this clock?

synchronized swimming funny photos 21

22. Synchronized swimming in Chinese.
synchronized swimming funny photos 22


23. They look like they’re having fun.

synchronized swimming funny photos 23


24. Can someone please help me understand this funny photo?

synchronized swimming funny photos 24

25. How did you get here, foot?

synchronized swimming funny photos 25


Synchronized Swimming goes Viral

It’s a sport, it’s an art form, it’s a way of expressions. Synchronized swimming is an official Olympic sport. And yes, it can also go viral all over the social web. People just love sharing it again and again. This great collection of funny photos here was researched, edited and gathered with Google image search.

Here at Briff.me, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you top posts only, like this special briff of funny photos of synchronized swimmers. Want even more? Feel free to like the Briff.me Facebook page.


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