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Pregnant Belly Painting: 12 Photos to get you Inspired

Those nine month of pregnancy can have their ups and downs but one thing is for sure – you’re going to miss this time one day. So why not celebrate it? One of the fun ways is to paint that belly bump and stand in front of a camera. Whether you go for simply pregnant belly makeup, or you invest in the whole artistic process of pregnancy body-paint, don’t forget to take photos, you will cherish them for many years.


Nature Inspired Pregnancy Body-Paint

1. The Tree of Life on a pregnant belly… Beautiful!

Pregnant Belly Painting Tree of Life


2. Giraffes love this belly

Pregnant Belly Painting Giraffes


3. Baby Inside

Pregnant Belly Painting Baby Inside


Be Creative with your Pregnant Belly Painting

4. Humor is a good idea

Pregnancy Belly Bump Makeup Cute


5. The painting process makes a good photo as well

Pregnancy Pregnant Makeup Art


6. The White Stork visits often
Pregnancy Pregnant Makeup Art Stork


7. The makeup can go beyond the belly and onto the body, right?
Pregnant Body Painting Flowers

Funny Pregnant Belly Painting Photos

8. Coming soon…! I wish

Belly Bump Makeup Coming Soon


9. Pregnant with a baseball

Pregnancy Body Art Painting Baseball


10. Pregnant with a basketball

Pregnancy Body Art Painting Basketball


11. Pregnancy anatomy explained in an inspiring belly bump makeup

Pregnanant Belly Art Painting Baby


12. Don’t let anything stop you – it’s your body and your imagination…!

Pregnanant Belly Bump Makeup Beach ball


Pregnancy Artistic Photos go Viral

Most women love at least some of days of being pregnant and the rest of their friends and family loves sharing the pregnant photos. Why? Not sure, probably the expectation of new life around the corner is exciting. Also, during pregnancy, women tend to glow beautifully. The pregnancy photos in this post were found on Pinterest and we will be more than happy to give detailed credit to the owners. Please contact us with the details, and congrats!

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