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Clean Energy Canada is a process everyone need to follow & this should be the future of the world if we want to live happily & peacefully, Watch a design which can take you to the middle age or Discover an initiative to teach people about traffic rules – all and many more interesting, shocking, funny & facts all collected & summarized on today’s Viral Briff

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Attributes of Lava & It’s Danger

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Or at a volcano. Or anywhere, really. (via BuzzFeed Science)
Likes: 6,494+ | Shares: 1,087+ | Source: BuzzFeed

Process Whole World Should Follow

Shoutout to Canada because this rules. Also, bonus shoutout to Clean Energy Canada for the image! Shoutouts abound!
Likes: 21,525+ | Shares: 3,216+ | Source: Upworthy

Knowledge Shared, Many Doesn’t Aware Of It

This curve is called an “analemma” and it occurs because of our elliptical and tilted orbit around the sun.
I fucking love science
Likes: 54,246+ | Shares: 4,537+ | Source: I fucking love science
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Tools For Passionate People

What Happens When Creative People Enter the Kitchen This!
Stylish Eve
Likes: 87,399+ | Shares: 6,525+ | Source: Stylish Eve

Candy Gifted With A Lot Of Love

“I met Santa at my mom’s office party and I gave him a piece of candy.”
Humans of New York
Likes: 191,846+ | Shares: 1,743+ | Source: Humans of New York

Design That Can Take Back To The Middle Age

Awesome Rustic Bath Designs ᴷᴬ
Architecture & Design
Likes: 14,326+ | Shares: 1,752+ | Source: Architecture & Design
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That Expression Comes Only When You’re Impressed

Looking at bae like
Dude Perfect
Likes: 338,726+ | Shares: 10,587+ | Source: Dude Perfect

A Lesson of Life Taught By Arrow Examples

When life gets you down, just remember this
Likes: 248,338+ | Shares: 45,895+ | Source: 9GAG

Does This Exists Anymore?

Perfect boyfriend puts 365 love notes in a jar for his girlfriend to read all year:
Bored Panda
Likes: 24,518+ | Shares: 4,326+ | Source: Bored Panda

Initiative To Aware People

He knows how to raise a flap.
George Takei
Likes: 57,298+ | Shares: 11,354+ | Source: George Takei

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