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Best Chef everrr, We all love you!!! Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver – Gifted Chef & an Amazing Dad

Whenever I’m hungry, I go to Instagram account’s of Jamie Oliver We have to eat in order to continue our life, but Jamie Oliver becomes the wonder in the world of food. He is the most favorite television personalities in England and lots of people love his cooking. Some of his most popular television shows […]

Workshop Food Art

Amazing Food Art!! Don’t Just Eat to Live

Food Art – Play with Food before Eating Food is the source to live and food art is the way to express the passion about food. Ida Skivenes, commonly known as @idafrosk on instagram, is a food artist and enthusiast born in Oslo, Norway. Currently, she lives in Berlin, Germany. She became so popular just […]

momofuku andos statue Instant Noodles

Google celebrates the birthday of the father of Instant Noodles

Momofuku Ando gets a birthday wish from Google “The Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and Cup noodles is remembered with a Doodle.” Can you imagine our life without instant noodles? Or our quick little tiffin at the office without Cup noodles? Don’t go mad searching for another option, you won’t find many. Mamofuku Ando, the […]

Smart Pig Video

Smart Pig Video – Are you sure this is food?

Smart Pig Video – Must See! Meet Moritz the clever pig. Have you ever seen a pig complete a puzzle? And then not just any puzzle… It’s the three little piggies! Are you sure this is food? Please share! Now watch the smart pig video again. You can spend a minute for this. This time, […]

Weird Food - Scarry Food - Briff me

Weird Food – 23 Photos to lose your appetite

Weird Food from Around the World Weird food is usually considered traditional and delicious in its place of origin. Only when taken out of context it becomes weird. And still, these strange foods here are weird by any standard, almost anywhere. So if you’re on a diet and want to skip the next meal – […]

Things about Oreo

Oreo Cookies – The things you just didn’t know

Oreo Cookies – Things you just didn’t know Oreo Cookies! Who doesn’t like those black sandwiches? The perfect cookie, right? So it turns out that even after eating 10,000 Oreos, I still have a lot to learn about them. Here are some interesting facts about Oreos – and if you prefer moving things… Scroll all […]

Mushrooms Grow Up In Slow Motion Breathtaking!

Mushrooms Grow Up In Slow Motion Breathtaking! If there is anything that would surprise each time it’s nature. Get 9 breathtaking videos that reveal the remarkable growth of forest mushrooms, Simply amazing! It took few days to film this movies but we bring you the best of them in onr minute, enjoy the trending story and the the amazing […]