Divine Miracle or Alien? You decide what happened in this religious ceremony

Miracle of the Challah?


This Facebook user Ofra Uriel posted two bizarre photos… During the religious Jewish ceremony of Hafrashat Challah, which is basically making bread, something very strange appeared within the dough. Is this a divine miracle of a new baby? Is it an alien? You decide.

Divine Miracle or a Dough Alien


Dough Baby Miracle

Look closely… It is nothing else but a perfect baby form. Right there within the dough, just when the blessings are said around it.

Divine Miracle or Dough Alien

Another nice interpretation was that this is the re-birth of the Pillsbury dough baby. Cute.

About Hafrashat Challah

The Jewish people started to perform the mitzvah of separating challah (hafrashat challah) when they first entered the Land of Israel thousands of years ago. The mitzvah requires a person to set aside a portion of the dough which is to be baked into the Sabbath bread. This portion of dough is given to the kohanim (the Temple priests), allowing them to live honorably and to fulfill their holy tasks in comfort. Since bread is man’s primary source of sustenance, separating challah is a commandment that is applicable at all times, and it brings blessing into our daily lives. You can read more about it here.

Hafrashat Challah

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