Amazing Food Art!! Don't Just Eat to Live

Amazing Food Art!! Don’t Just Eat to Live

Food Art – Play with Food before Eating

Food is the source to live and food art is the way to express the passion about food. Ida Skivenes, commonly known as @idafrosk on instagram, is a food artist and enthusiast born in Oslo, Norway. Currently, she lives in Berlin, Germany. She became so popular just because of her passion about food and already she has about 300K followers on instagram. According to her view, food should be healthy, tasty and fun. She started with food art from the year 2012 and after that she never needs to look back. After getting so many positive responses from the people all around the world, she quit her job and became a full time food artist. Here are some photos of her best work.

Yummy chocolate cake
Yummy chocolate cake Food Art

Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate Cake a la Roald Dahl (for @bokvennen magazine’s 25th anniversary issue + celebrating 50 years since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published)! #chocolate #cake #matcha #frosting #marzipan #bokvennen #roalddahl #willywonka #foodart

Who wants to eat this cutey?
Who wants to eat this cutey Food Art

The great Portugese writer Fernando Pessoa on toast,
The great Portugese writer Fernando Pessoa on toast Food Art

Monster Staring at you
Monster Staring at you Food Art

If you can't beat them, just eat them
If you can't beat them, just eat them Food Art
“One Yummy Game at a Time: Chess Edition”, part of a series I did for @moo last week. #sharesquares #foodart #bread #wholewheat #white #olives #cheese

Eat your Easter Bunny
Eat your Easter Bunny Food Art

Delicious plane design
Delicious plane design Food Art
Take the Pancake Plane to Playful Destinations with @lufthansa! #pancake #yoghurt #blueberries #jam #apricot #lufthansa #boeing747

Christmas tribute
Christmas tribute Food Art

Chocolate Drinks with animals
Chocolate Drinks with animals Food Art
Better ChocoLATE Than Never! Hot chocolate with mellow animals for the grey mornings. (Made for @copenhagenfood magazine a while back.) #hotchocolate #marshmellows #chocolatechips #copenhagenfood #foodart

Believe me! It's delicious and fun to create Food Art
Believe me! It's delicious and fun to create Food Art

Workshop Food Art
Great results from the food art workshop at Ping Helsinki! #pinghelsinki #foodart #idafrosk

This post was inspired by Ida Skivenes’s work. Thanks! Photos in this special post were researched and collected from @idafrosk.

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