Weird Food – 23 Photos to lose your appetite

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Weird Food from Around the World

Weird food is usually considered traditional and delicious in its place of origin. Only when taken out of context it becomes weird. And still, these strange foods here are weird by any standard, almost anywhere. So if you’re on a diet and want to skip the next meal – scroll down and browse through some seriously scary foods.

Weird Food – 23 Photos to lose your appetite

Balut from the Philippines is a fertilized duck egg. This means that there was a partly developed embryo inside when it was boiled alive. I was actually in Manila and saw it in every market where it’s eaten from the shell with salt, chili and vinegar.

Weird Food - Scary Food 1 Balut Egg

Chicken feet. Need I say more? I had one of those too in Beijing, China. Very Salty.

Weird Food - Scary Food 16 Chicken feet

Locusts. Yes, you eat those when they come along. Because they devour all other foods available.

Weird Food - Scary Food 15 Locusts

In England the fish sometimes look out from the pie. What are they trying to say?

Weird Food - Scary Food 14 Stargazey Pie

A Century egg in China is made with clay and a few months of waiting for this delicacy. Weird you say?

Weird Food - Scary Food 13 Century Egg

Hakrl is a very strange food from Iceland. It involves gutting sharks so I don’t want to go into this. Literally.

Weird Food - Scary Food 12 Hakarl

Not far from there, the Greenlanders eat Muktuk, which is made from whale skin and blubber. Errrrr. It’s my favorite animal, when alive.

Weird Food - Scary Food 11 Muktuk

Casu Marzu from Sardinia, Italy is made from Pecorino cheese that has gone bad. The larvae of cheese flies are part of it. Thank you, Italy.

Weird Food - Scary Food 10 Casu Marzu

Huitlacoche from Mexico is corn with fungus packed together with nausea.

Weird Food - Scary Food 9 Huitlacoche

Boshintang from Korea. Looks good, right? But the meet in this weird salad comes from… Yes. Man’s best friend. Dogs. Ruff.

Weird Food - Scary Food 8 Boshintang

Jellied moose nose from Canada. No other words are necessary. Strange, scary food.

Weird Food - Scary Food 7 Jellied moose Nose

White ant eggs soup from Laos. In case diarrhea is a hobby of yours.

Weird Food - Scary Food 6 White ant eggs soup

Crispy Tarantulas from Cambodia. Arachnophobia here I come!

Weird Food - Scary Food 5 Crispy Tarantulas

In Japan Tuna is an important part of the diet. And so are the Tune eye balls…!

Weird Food - Scary Food 4 Tuna Eyeballs

Shirako is a friendly Japanese name for sperm sacs of fish. Yummy!

Weird Food - Scary Food 3 Shirako

Escamoles from Mexico is made from the larvae of a certain species of ants. It supposedly similar to cottage cheese. But then again, it’s not.

Weird Food - Scary Food 2 Escamoles

I took this photo myself in a market in China. Who’s coming with me? Scorpions on a stick!

Weird Food - Scary Food - Briff me

Fried spiders are also common in Eastern Asia. Or not that common.

Weird Food - Scary Food 17 Fried Spiders

If you’re in Australia, you might want to try crocodile. I actually tried it in Kenya and it tasted like fatty fish.

Weird Food - Scary Food 18 Crocodile

While in Australia, after taking some pictures with Kangaroos, why not have a bite?

Weird Food - Scary Food 19 Kangaroo

Did you raise a Guinea Pig as a kid? If you still have it, be careful. Some people regard it as food. Very scary food.

Weird Food - Scary Food 20 Guinea pig

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This collection of weird foods and scary delicious photos is partly based on a gallery by Rough Guides (link). Other photos were curated and edited with the help of Google. Some of these brilliant photographs are shared all around the social web. If you find your very own photo or simply want to add specific credit – sure! Simply drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add the details.

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