Oreo Cookies - The things you just didn't know

Oreo Cookies – The things you just didn’t know

Oreo Cookies – Things you just didn’t know

Oreo Cookies! Who doesn’t like those black sandwiches? The perfect cookie, right? So it turns out that even after eating 10,000 Oreos, I still have a lot to learn about them. Here are some interesting facts about Oreos – and if you prefer moving things… Scroll all the way down to a brilliant video!

A market research study discovered that 84% of men eat Oreos whole.
Eat Oreo Closed

While 41% of women twist the Oreo apart and it eat it open. What makes this difference?
Eat Oreo Open

The first Oreo cookie was sold on March 6th, 1912. That’s over a hundred years ago! Probably not that fresh by now…
First Oreo Cookie Sold on 1912

Each Oreo cookie has 12 flowers, 12 dashes and 12 dots. Have you ever looked closely at the Oreo design?
Oreos Cookie Design

One study found that rats’ brains respond to Oreos the same way they respond to drugs! This can explain my addiction.
Oreos Like Drugs

Oreos originally sold two flavors. The second was Lemon Meringue. Can you even imagine that?
Original Oreos had 2 Flavors

One Oreo cookie takes 59 minutes to make done. And then I eat in 15 seconds. What about you?
Things about Oreo 2

Oreo Cookie Facts in Video

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