Smart Pig Video – Are you sure this is food?

Smart Pig Video – Must See!

Meet Moritz the clever pig. Have you ever seen a pig complete a puzzle? And then not just any puzzle… It’s the three little piggies!

Are you sure this is food? Please share!

Now watch the smart pig video again. You can spend a minute for this. This time, however, keep this question in mind: Are you sure that pigs are food for humans?

No matter if your vegan, vegetarian or carnivore. We can all agree that this is definitely food for thought. Now, be kind and please share this post.


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The human brain behind this brilliant smart pig video is called Nicolle Muller. She is from Berlin, Germany and loves her pig called Mortiz The Clever Pig. She writes in the German language, so it’s not easy to follow, but you can find such posts on her Facebook page here. Thanks!

Smart Pig Video


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