Mountain Biking Selfie GoPro Video Looks like Flying

Next Generation Mountain Biking Selfie Video

This athletic guy, Rémy Métailler, loves sharing his mountain biking videos on his Facebook profile and the world seems to respond with love as well. Sound ordinary? Wait, there is something very special here… Some of his recent selfie GoPro videos focus on his head and give the appearance of hovering, as if he is flying. Lean back and give it a few seconds…


What makes this Biking Video go Viral?

Something is very special about the angle of taking this video. It’s not just the fact that it’s a selfie. The GoPro camera stabilizes the frame with the rider’s head in center and the World just spins around it. Add on top of that the fact that Rémy knows his mountain biking and jumps beautifully, and you get these awesome videos. No wonder people watch, like and share them. This is an entirely new generation of selfie videos and we’re sure to see much of this and more in the near future.

Mountain Biking Selfie Video


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Cute footage: Rémy Métailler on Facebook.
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