Anchorman Stories, Trivia, and Secrets!

Anchorman Stories, Trivia, and Secrets!

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Twelve years ago, lucky audiences around the world met the Channel 4 News Team, headed by their chief anchorman – Ron Burgundy. Ron, Brian, Brick, and Champ addressed the city of San Diego nightly, telling them the important news of the day.

The movie explores their relationship with the newest addition, female anchor Veronica, and the difficulties they face in overcoming their sexist tendencies, and various turf wars with other news stations.

Revisit this classy movie with the best trivia and stories we could find! Starting with…

anchorman inspiration jessica savitch

…The inspiration for Anchorman! Will Ferrell got the idea for the movie after watching a documentary about one of the first female news anchors, Jessica Savitch. Her co-anchor, Mort Crim, admitted to being quite sexist, even saying, “You have to remember, back then I was a real male chauvinist pig. I was not nice to her.” Crim seems to have changed his ways, even coming to the movie premiere! Savitch passed away in 1983.

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