Forced To Dream and No More Trouble - Movies Briff

Forced To Dream and No More Trouble – Movies Briff


Meet the two guys who kept the Fast & Furious Movie alive for every single minute for the audiences, Read some shared memory from the 25 years of domination from The Simpsons or Troubles are coming as Mr. Bean is preparing for the holiday season – all and many from top posts collected from the pages of Movies & TV Shows summarized on today’s Movies Briff

Visualization That Can Force You To Dream

The Whomping Willow leads to which location in Hogsmeade?
Harry Potter
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These Two Kept The Movie Alive Every Second

These two don’t have an “off” switch. #Furious7
Fast & Furious
Likes: 117,316+ | Shares: 1,655+ | Source: Fast & Furious

Revolutionary Effects & Historical Sword Fight

#ThrowbackThursday – Clearly, this image has been Photoshopped to put sticks in place of very-real lightsabers.
Star Wars
Likes: 30,458+ | Shares: 1,429+ | Source: Star Wars

Beauty of Love, Unique For Every Couple

Explore Noah and Allie’s love story from the beginning…
The Notebook
Likes: 37,446+ | Shares: 2,876+ | Source: The Notebook

No More Trouble, Promised By Sid

Follow Sid on Facebook!
It may be the only time it’s safe to follow him anywhere.
Ice Age Movies
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Miserable Time Starts For The Vampires

Jane could make even the most powerful vampire cower to their knees. #TwilightStories
The Twilight Saga
Likes: 16,975+ | Shares: 455+ | Source: The Twilight Saga

Movie That Evokes Emotions For Fishes

“Fish are friends, not food.”
Finding Nemo
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25 Years of Domination, Some Memories Shared

Read all about it! Here are 16 hilarious headlines from the past 25 years of The Simpsons
The Simpsons
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Definitely Troubles Are Coming, Re-Live The Moments

Mr. Bean sure gets into some embarrassing situations! Here is a special playlist with some of our favourites. Click the link to watch and laugh!
Mr. Bean
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Bad Experiences Shared While Working

May the force be with you?
Breaking Bad
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