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Find out when a true leader needs to show his backbone to save the honor & pride, Experience is a thing which youths doesn’t have, they have the power to implement or read about the sexiest man alive – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff


Be The Part Of An Worthy Revolution

Are you ready? Beginning TONIGHT at 8pm, see The Hunger Games: #Mockingjay Part 1! –

The Hunger Games

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Vast Experience Shared, Significant For Youths

“Bathilda Bagshot…she’s only the most celebrated magical historian of the last century.” – Auntie Muriel

Harry Potter

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Survival Is A Win, Worthy Choice

You can’t win but there are alternatives to fighting

Star Wars

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Toothless, A Worthy Creature To Fall In Love

“In the first film, when Hiccup reaches out to touch Toothless, the audience had to believe that he is real. If the audience is not in love with Toothless as much as Hiccup is and if you don’t get lost in his eyes, the movie won’t work.” –Simon Otto, head of character animation

How to Train Your Dragon

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Feels Like Future Is Here

Visit to learn more about our revolutionary Sentinel technology.

X-Men Movies

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True Hero No One Sees, Behind The Scene

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Hawkeye’s archery training with a new photo from the set of Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” featuring Jeremy Renner and director Joss Whedon!


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You Don’t Need A Dress Code To Show Gratefulness

Yes. Yes he is.

Pineapple Express

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Sexiest Man Alive, Award He Deserves From Way Before

Is it fair that the God of Thunder is People magazine‘s #SexiestManAlive? You be the judge. (Congrats to our own Thor, Chris Hemsworth!)


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King Showing Much Needed Backbone

“You rode all the way from Persia for earth and water?” #300Movie


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Father Saving His Daughter From A Playboy

“Jamie, say goodnight to Mr. Carter.”

A Walk To Remember

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