Smoke Weed and Cherish Your Memory - Movies Briff

Smoke Weed and Cherish Your Memory – Movies Briff

Get to know a charm that results in a lot of sadness among the audiences, Toy Story crews are working very hard to maintain the announced year of 2017 or Watch the classic moment which reveals that killing was never so easy for an amateur – all and many more top posts from classic and modern movies on today’s Movies Briff

Charm That Evokes Sadness

Hermione casts a Memory Charm on her parents. What is the charm?
Harry Potter
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Memory Cherished With The Classic Toys

Kenner’s classic Star Wars toys featured many subtle – and weird – variations. We’re reflecting fondly on the search for a vinyl cape Jawa.
Star Wars
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Not Sometimes, But Always

Sometimes all you need is a loyal, noble steed.
Likes: 37,730+ | Shares: 1,043+ | Source: Shrek

Antique Sword That Doesn’t Suit Him

“SHARE” this priceless artifact from Brennan’s weapon collection.
Step Brothers
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Flying Car Chasing Others

Headlights! Camera! Action!
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Crews Are Working Hard To Make It Real

It’s official: the gang is back! #ToyStory4, directed by John Lasseter, is coming to cinemas 2017!
Toy Story UK
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Killing Was Never So Easy

“You gotta go, you gotta go.”
The Godfather
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Smoke Weed, Save Your Soul

“If marijuana is not legal within the next five years… I have no faith left in humanity, period.”
Pineapple Express
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True Definition of Love Expressed

Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful, or conceited. It is never rude, or selfish. It does not take offense. It is not resentful.
A Walk To Remember
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Fact That Everyone Knew Expressed

“I shall ever regard him as the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.”
Sherlock Holmes
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