Choose Right or Wrong and Worthy Leader’s Path – Movies Briff

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“One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter” – Nelson Mandela, so there is no traitor or betrayer as long as he is fighting for the right cause, Typical angle of vision is possessed by normal people, you need to think forward to overtake others or Read the mood changing humor that can make your day – all and many more on today’s Movies Briff

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Traitor Doesn’t Exists! Only Right or Wrong Does

Standing by the Capitol’s side, or waiting to join the rebellion?
The Hunger Games
Likes: 57,192+ | Shares: 3,436+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Great Pleasure If You Have Someone Like Him

“M-o-o-o-r-ning.” – George
Harry Potter
Likes: 478,872+ | Shares: 4,523+ | Source: Harry Potter

Out-of-box Angle Of Vision Indeed

“Look I so old to young eyes?”
Star Wars
Likes: 30,564+ | Shares: 2,981+ | Source: Star Wars
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Birthday of Noah, The Man Who Stole Millions of Heart

Wishing our Noah, Ryan Gosling, a Happy Birthday!
The Notebook
Likes: 335,103+ | Shares: 8,774+ | Source: The Notebook

Funny Granny, Always Like To Engage

Just Granny being granny.
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 94,876+ | Shares: 3,133+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

Influential Women For The Whole Community

Who is the wisest person in your family?
Likes: 43,680+ | Shares: 1,025+ | Source: Avatar
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Be Aware! Just Make Sure Wolverine Is Not Angry

Berserker rage: effective in any era. #TimeTravel
X-Men Movies
Likes: 24,012+ | Shares: 1,205+ | Source: X-Men Movies

Risk Your Life For Love, For Good

“I knew you’d come back.”
Likes: 19,293+ | Shares: 1,388+ | Source: Megamind

Powerful Voice, Leader’s Tone, Worthy King

Happy Birthday to the voice of Stoick, Gerard Butler!
How to Train Your Dragon
Likes: 52,825+ | Shares: 1,128+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon

Epic Dialogue That Can Change Your Mood

“If marijuana is not legal within the next five years… I have no faith left in humanity, period.”
Pineapple Express
Likes: 28,175+ | Shares: 1,791+ | Source: Pineapple Express

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