Find Out How Mini Megamind Surfed The Prison and Fiercest Attack Of The Plants Ever Which Cannot Be Compared To Anything Else – Movies Briff

Meet The Master Mind Of The Hunger Games, See The The Creativity Of Transforemer’s Fan Wayne or Take A Look At The Dark Arts Section of Harry Potter – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff


First Look of The Dark Arts Section Unveiled

Welcome to the Dark Side! Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter have revealed a first look at their new Dark Arts section, complete with the Malfoy Manor drawing room set and 20-foot Nagini model.

Harry Potter

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The Master Mind Of The Hunger Games

There’s more than meets the eye with Effie Trinket.

The Hunger Games

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That Epic Moment From Alice In Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland

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Fast & Furious Team Active For The New Sensation

Cars, cameras, & hydraulics. Just another day at work. #FF7

Fast & Furious

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See The The Creativity Of Transforemer’s Fan Wayne

Congrats to Wayne on being this week’s ULTIMATE #TRANS4MERS FAN! Sweet ride! Show us what makes you the biggest Transformers fan:


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No Place For Fear When You Are Strong

“You have a strong heart. No fear.”


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Wish From X-Men Movies Team For The Wolverine

Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman! May your healing factor keep you young at heart! #XMen

X-Men Movies

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Mini Megamind’s Prison Surfing

Thrownback Thursdays! Even Mini Megamind traveled in style!


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Attack Of The Fiercest Plants Ever

What kind of plant eats mammoths and saber tooth tigers?

Ice Age Movies

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Disney Prince Are Waiting, select Your One

Find out which happily ever after should be yours:


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