World Changes But Deeds Remain Forever - Movies Briff

World Changes But Deeds Remain Forever – Movies Briff

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There are very few real heroes & natural actors contributed, meet two of them today, Most awaited holiday season coming on, get to know who reminds it or People are mortal, they lose, they win but their deeds remain forever in the history – all and many more like insane’s humor, Gru’s hate etc are included in today’s Movies Briff

Destiny Defining Revolution, Fight For Right

This weekend, see the film that takes it to the “next level”! #Mockingjay Part 1 is NOW PLAYING –
The Hunger Games
Likes: 35,399+ | Shares: 1,549+ | Source: The Hunger Games

World Changes, Difficult To Relate With Memory

“The Forest of Dean. I came here once with Mum and Dad, years ago. It’s just how I remember it. The trees. The river. Everything. Like nothing’s changed. Not true, of course. Everything’s changed.” – Hermione
Harry Potter
Likes: 555,208+ | Shares: 6,774+ | Source: Harry Potter

Real Heroes, Natural Actors

Impressive. Most impressive.
Star Wars
Likes: 21,043+ | Shares: 1,166+ | Source: Star Wars

Most Awaited Holiday Season Coming

Which member of your family are you most excited to see this holiday season?
Likes: 34,847+ | Shares: 877+ | Source: Avatar

Oath To Be A Devoted King

Odin: “Do you swear to cast aside all selfish ambition and to pledge yourself only to the good of the realm?”
Thor: “I swear.”
– “Thor” (2011) #ThrowbackThorsday
Likes: 30,583+ | Shares: 1,595+ | Source: Thor

Gru hates The World Until Kids Came

“I really hate that chicken.” -Gru
Despicable Me
Likes: 44,058+ | Shares: 1,295+ | Source: Despicable Me

Moustachio Ice Age, Showing Respect

In honor of Movember, Sid, Scrat, Diego, and the rest of the herd have grown mustaches! Which is your favorite?
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 30,111+ | Shares: 1,334+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

A Day To Remember From The History

On this day in 1995, Woody and Buzz first flew to infinity…and beyond!
Toy Story
Likes: 53,631+ | Shares: 5,925+ | Source: Toy Story

Only Insane Can Answer Humorously

What are your favorite ACTIVITIES?!
Step Brothers
Likes: 39,824+ | Shares: 2,252+ | Source: Step Brothers

People Lose, People Dies, Deeds Remain Forever

He had justice to gain, an empire to free from corruption, and nothing to lose.
Likes: 238,107+ | Shares: 44,977+ | Source: Gladiator

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