Find Out The Character Tom Hardy Is On The Verge Of Joining In X-Men and Watch The Hilarious Final Request By A Dying Woman – Viral Briff

Read The Wish, Dream & Regret Which Is Just A Human Nature, Amazing Transformations Of Your Daily Objects You Can’t Even Think or Read The Ideal Mother-Son Relation Story, A Son Memorizing His Mother – all and many more on today’s Viral Briff


We, The Humans Are There To Destroy Natural Beauties

This is pretty heartbreaking…


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Wish, Dream & Regret – Just A Human Nature

“What the hell did I just do?”


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Difference Of Life Style In North & South Koreas

Talk about startling.


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Hilarious Final Request By A Dying Woman

She had just one final request.


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Empty Vessel Sounds Much, This Is Shit, Not Science

You asshole.

I fucking love science

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Huge Donation To Fight Ebola By Mark Zuckerberg

Nice move, Mark.

The Huffington Post

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Famous Tom Hardy On The Verge Of Joining X-Men

Is Tom Hardy ready to join the X-Men Movies as the BIG BAD in the next film? He certainly did well enough with The Dark Knight Rises.


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Awesome Family Photos That Can Make You Dream To Pose Like This

Family Maternity Photographs

Stylish Eve

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Ideal Mother-Son Relation, A Son Memorizing His Mother

“My mom died in August.”
“What was your favorite thing about her?”
“Her sense of humor.”
“What was the time you most appreciated her sense of humor?”
“Probably when I was in high school and she walked in on my girlfriend and I going at it. I was too embarrassed to go back home, so she called my girlfriend, and asked to speak to me. When I got on the phone, she said: ‘Bet you went soft pretty quick there, huh?'”

Humans of New York

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Amazing Transformations You Can’t Even Think

Artist Transforms Everyday Objects To Amazing Arts ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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