Star Wars Mistakes & Easter Eggs

Even the most die-hard Star Wars fans probably missed these mistakes! We’ve found the craziest mistakes you probably missed, plus some really cool stories we bet you didn’t know! Read through this list and let us know in the comments if you noticed these!

And don’t forget to watch the video at the end…it’s really cool!

star wars mistakes luke ghost

After R2D2’s escape, we see a shot of the deserted homestead. You see Uncle Owen calling for Luke, who, it is discovered seconds later, is on his way to search for R2D2. However, you can see a ghostly Luke figure in a doorway to the right, frozen and somewhat transparent. Maybe Luke is actually a ghost!


The Millennium Falcon had a good luck charm!

star wars mistakes dice

Ever notice the gold dice hanging from the Millennium  Falcon? We’re used to seeing fuzzy dice hanging from rearview mirrors in our cars. Looks like Han Solo wanted his own good luck charm on the go.
In The Force Awakens, they’d already started filming when a crew member noticed the dice were missing and quickly went out to buy some more. That’s true dedication to tiny details!


How did the lightsabers work?

star wars mistakes lightsaber

The lightsabers were pretty low-tech! They were simply covered in reflective tape with lightbulbs inside. When Obi-Wan and Darth Vader first duel, you can clearly see the wire connecting the lightsaber to what we presume is its battery pack.

Actors were implored to not use force while dueling, but had a hard time abiding. If you look closely, you can see dust being kicked up as they duel.


Luke was a ventriloquist?

star wars mistakes dubbed lines

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker constantly had lines added and dubbed, making it appear that he was a very talented ventriloquist! At one point, the special effects team tried to hide that fact (when he lands on planet Dagobah, The Empire Strikes Back) by darkening the scene.

It’s not a huge mistake, but a fun one to catch the next time you watch it!


Shoes as asteroids…really?

star wars mistakes millennium falcon shoes

The original filming was on a much smaller budget, and with much fewer special effects options to choose from. Maybe that’s why in Star Wars we can see the Millennium Falcon navigating an asteroid field that’s full of flying boulders, and, oddly enough, shoes and potatoes.

The special effects team probably left it in as a fun gag for diehard fans like us to notice


Was there a glitch in the space-time continuim?

star wars mistakes shoes

In that same asteroid field, we see the Millennium Falcon flying past…the Millennium Falcon. George Lucas had recycled material from previous films, and accidentally included the Falcon in a scene.

So essentially Han Solo flies past himself! The effects team blurred out much of the details, but its unmistakable barrel roll makes it hard to miss.


How did Luke really topple the Imperial Walkers?

star wars mistakes imperial walkers

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke fells the Imperial Walkers during the Rebel’s fight to defend their Hoth base – allegedly only using a grenade and a lightsaber. If you look closely though,  you can see a stick pushing up the back right leg of the Walker which topples it over.


Which painter appeared in the movies and why?

star wars mistakes ralph mcquarrie

George Lucas got much of his inspiration for the sets of the films from Ralph McQuarrie’s visually arresting concept paintings. Many of the sets and scenes are based on his surreal landscapes.

He even made a cameo in The Empire Strikes Back striding through the Hoth Echo Base with his sketchbook in hand.


Who else did Boba Fett play?

star wars mistakes boba fett

Boba Fett, one of the favorite characters in this franchise, has had many actors play him. However, Jeremy Bulloch, who played him in episodes 3, 4, and 5, also made unmasked cameos in the movies.

In the scene where Luke is trying to rescue his friends in Episode IV, Bulloch plays an Imperial guard who is wrestling Leia in the hallway. He also appeared in Revenge of the Sith, as Captain Jeremoch Colton piloting the Sundered Heart.


What great foreshadowing do we see in Revenge of the Sith?

star wars mistakes squid lake

In Revenge of the Sith, as Anakin is learning of the powers of the Dark Side from Chancellor Palpatine while watching Squid Lake, there are various moments of foreshadowing.

One of the most telling ones is when Darth Plagueis is mentioned, the screen cuts to the sphere of liquid in front of the men. A closer look shows Darth Vader’s helmet reflected in the liquid.


Where does George Lucas plug his own company in the movie?

star wars mistakes skywalker sound

George Lucas pioneered two companies in the process of filming his Star Wars empire – ILM and Skywalker Sound. ILM (Industrial Light & Magic, a special effects studio) got a lot of publicity, so he decided to publicize Skywalker Sound in Attack of the Clones.

In the scene where Coruscant chase scene with Anakin and Obi-Wan in the Entertainment District the logo can be clearly seen in the top-right corner.


When did George Lucas decide to make a cameo?

star wars mistakes george lucas cameo

George Lucas waited until Revenge of the Sith to make a cameo in the movie, as the blue Baron Notluwiski Papanoida. He can be seen standing with his daughter Katie for just a few seconds. That character got quite a bit more screentime in the animated Clone Wars.


In one scene Harrison Ford is saying Carrie Fisher’s lines!

star wars mistakes harrison ford mouthing lines

In The Empire Strikes Back, the Falcon enters into a wormhole, and Princess Leia is thrown into the Captain’s arms. As she icily tells him that she’d rather not be held by him, you can see the Captain, played by Harrison Ford, mouthing along to her lines.


Darth Vader can walk through solid walls?

star wars mistakes darth vader helmet

When Darth Vader lands on Endor’s moon, you can see a special effects glitch. As he descends from the Death Star, his helmet seems to simply pass through the nose of the ship, as if by magic. It’s pretty subtle, and is a reminder of how far special effects have come since those early days!

Which hero did George Lucas’s son play?

star wars mistakes jett lucas

When Anakin turns rogue, one of the young Jedi’s fights the Stormtroopers before falling to blaster fire. This brave character is played by George Lucas’s son Jett, and his character is named Zett Jukassa. He first appeared in the background of Episode II.


What was wrong with the Ewok suit?

star wars mistakes ewok eyehole

In Return of the Jedi, you can clearly see the actor playing an Ewok through his suit. The eye holes don’t align properly, making his face visible to the casual observer!


Darth Vader can make the dead come back to life?

star wars mistakes death mistake

When Darth Vader and his Imperial Troops take over a rebel ship, they kill the rebel leader and throw his body against the wall. However, the supposedly dead leader puts his hands up to protect himself from impact. Rigor mortis, perhaps?


Darth Vaders helmet goes from dirty to clean in just a second.

star wars mistakes darth vader helmet (1)

In Return of the Jedi, when the Emperor is blasting Luke with force lightning, we occasionally see Darth Vader’s reactions. His helmet alternates between dusty and clean in the shots.


Maybe it’s Maybelline?

star wars mistakes anakin eyelashes

In Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin gets burnt to a near crisp on Mustafar, everything is singed off – all his hair – save for his eyelashes. Perhaps fire can’t get that close. Or, as we suspect, people just look too scary without eyelashes.


Wait…Luke looks different…

star wars mistakes mark hamill plastic surgery

Between The Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope, Luke Skywalker looks really different! The actor playing him, Mark Hamill, had a dramatic nose job – not from vanity, but to reconstruct his nose and cheekbone after a car accident shattered them. George Lucas added in the Wampa scene to explain his healing face and subsequent new nose.


See how the actors got ready for the gruelling filming, next!

Check out this great clip about how the actors trained for their fight scenes, here!


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