V For Vendetta Stories, Trivia, and Photos!

V For Vendetta Stories, Trivia, and Photos!

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Remember the 2006 movie, V for Vendetta? If you were familiar with the comics, it was an exciting moment of seeing those beloved characters jump from page to the big screen. Others discovered these characters for the first time and fell in love with the dramatic, dystopian plot, gorgeous visuals, and important message.

v for vendetta thatcherism

Now, ten years later, we’re here with the best stories, trivia, and fun facts from this spellbinding film! Starting at the beginning – the comic. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd in the 1980’s as a protest against Thatcherism (Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister of Great Britain from 1975 to 1990 was quite conservative, and drew ire from more free-thinking individuals.) However, Moore – a longtime nonconformist – disliked Hollywood so much that he refused to accept money for the film, or even watch it!

Find out why the set of the film is so monochromatic, next!

v for vendetta set

The film takes place in a vague future – somewhere around 2020 – in a world that’s become unrecognizable. In classic comic style, it is frozen in a timeless state, and in classic Wachowski style, it mixes both futuristic elements with gritty post-war depression. In order to create that look, production designer¬†Owen Paterson “…tried to create a London that is very recognizable, yet frozen by having become this totalitarian state.”

The set and production designers used a palette of browns and grays to reflect the overall depression felt by the citizens. Additionally, they wanted to show – in subtle ways –¬† the lack of choice everyone had. Set decorator Peter Walpole noted that while you might be able to buy a car or a can of baked beans, there would only be one brand available. Another example was the television studio – while they had all the things they needed, everything was the same brand.

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