Experience Being A Hero Yourself, Riding A Dragon, Find Out How and Rebel Bases Are Ready To Entertain You – Movies Briff

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Are You Scared Enough? There Are No Limits Fear, Saw Came Back To Break All The Finite, Own The Mighty Optimus Prime or Catch The Story Of An Influential Character Sid Who Is In Norway, In The Tree – etc many more on today’s Movies Briff

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Liked Harry Potter? Book Your Tickets For The Exhibition

Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series, was on hand to celebrate the grand opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Odysseum Köln. The Exhibition opens for a limited run, starting today. Get your tickets now at www.odysseum.de/
Harry Potter
Likes: 281,281+ | Shares: 4,791+ | Source: Harry Potter

Looking For Entertainment, join The Rebel Base

Tonight’s the night! Check your local listings to find the Rebel base in your area, and follow along with @starwars on Twitter with #StarWarsRebels. The fun begins 9:00 p.m. ET/PT in the US.
Star Wars
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Own The Mighty Optimus Prime

Get this Limited Edition Optimus Prime packaging only at Target j.mp/TFAOETarget
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Meet The Boggs From Mockingjay

Trained to defend against all odds.
The Hunger Games
Likes: 9,363+ | Shares: 333+ | Source: The Hunger Games

Sid’s In Norway, In The Tree

Can you see the resemblance?
Ice Age Movies
Likes: 17,406+ | Shares: 776+ | Source: Ice Age Movies

No Fun & Joy, Then You’re Dead Already

Hooray, it’s FRIDAY!
Likes: 56,267+ | Shares: 3,876+ | Source: Shrek
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Kung Fu Panda is Back With Newest Catchphrase For You

What’s more bodacious than “skadoosh”? Learn Po’s newest catchphrase on DreamWorksTV: https://youtu.be/GiRcjKepMPs
Kung Fu Panda
Likes: 9,580+ | Shares: 133+ | Source: Kung Fu Panda

Are You Scared Enough? There Are No Limits, Saw Came Back

Experience the horror of the original Saw – in theaters October 31st: https://lions.gt/SAWanniversary
Likes: 13,008+ | Shares: 945+ | Source: Saw

Be The Hero Yourself, Play The Game

Download the BRAND NEW School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure game on iOS/Android and master the elements in an exciting race against the clock. You can even transfer the coins you earn to your School of Dragons Viking profile! Learn more: https://Ez.com/SoDMobileGames
How to Train Your Dragon
Likes: 1,220+ | Shares: 64+ | Source: How to Train Your Dragon

Simple Quiz For The Megamind Fans

Hal is a:
a) Reporter
b) Cameraman
c) Squirrel in human disguise
d) All of the above
Likes: 22,369+ | Shares: 138+ | Source: Megamind

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