Treasure Acquired and Conquer All - Movies Briff

Treasure Acquired and Conquer All – Movies Briff

Get to know what you can achieve with confidence & strength, Dance & enjoy always, life is too short or find out the real attraction of Pandora, Night time, nice time – etc many more top posts from Movies & TV Shows on today’s Movies Briff

Motive Achieved, Doesn’t Matter What The Occasion Is

Any holiday that involves eating is good with Po! Happy Thanksgiving!
Kung Fu Panda
Likes: 86,584+ | Shares: 4,289+ | Source: Kung Fu Panda

Wishes To A Very Influential Character

Birthday wishes to Bill Weasley! Here’s hoping he’s somewhere enjoying a very rare steak…
Harry Potter
Likes: 246,655+ | Shares: 1,437+ | Source: Harry Potter

Treasure Acquired, Talking About Bubbles

“My bubbles.”
Finding Nemo
Likes: 42,131+ | Shares: 1,950+ | Source: Finding Nemo

Confidence & Strength Helps To Conquer All

Sometimes, the fewest words make the biggest statement. “LIKE” if you agree!
The Karate Kid
Likes: 12,966+ | Shares: 4,561+ | Source: The Karate Kid

Dance on Occasion & Without Any Occasion, Dance Always

This will make you feel like dancing — Dirty Dancing tees & gifts up to $15 off!:
Dirty Dancing
Likes: 88,739+ | Shares: 4,186+ | Source: Dirty Dancing

Night Time, Nice Time

As the night sky gets darker, Pandora’s beauty shines brighter.
Likes: 35,379+ | Shares: 876+ | Source: Avatar

Holiday Celebrations Begin While Waiting For It

Never too early for holiday cookies!
The Simpsons
Likes: 112,653+ | Shares: 5,304+ | Source: The Simpsons

“House” Casts After 10 Years

Read this. Doctor’s orders.
Likes: 44,157+ | Shares: 2,609+ | Source: House

Hunt or Be Hunted? Crazy World’s Rule

Rowena is about to learn the meaning of “the family business.” #Supernatural
Likes: 49,332+ | Shares: 1,357+ | Source: Supernatural

Chemical Reaction No One Expects

Something’s cooking.
Breaking Bad
Likes: 157,653+ | Shares: 6,358+ | Source: Breaking Bad

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