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Get ready for school with a DYI letter from Hogwarts, join 50 Million Fast & Furious fans, relive the horror at Saw’s 10th anniversary, and pick behind-the-scenes of Avengers: Age of Ultron – all and more in today’s Movies Briff.

Fast  & Furious Hits 50 Million Fans

To the 50+ million fans who are a part of our FAST & FURIOUS family: THANK YOU for your endless support!

Fast & Furious 50 Million

Likes: 519,410+ | Shares: 19,434+ | Source: Fast & Furious


DIY: Tea Stained Hogwarts Letter

A new term at Hogwarts starts on September 1st. Have you received your acceptance letter? Find out how to make your own at Harry Potter Wish List!

Harry Potter School Letter


Likes: 77,051+ | Shares: 3,136+ | Source: Harry Potter


Titanic: Drawing a Portrait

“The last thing I need is another picture of me looking like a porcelain doll.”

Titanic Portrait Drawing

Likes: 398,756+ | Shares: 8,402+ | Source: Titanic


Shrek: Lessons in (not) lying

Lessons in (not) lying: “It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that I couldn’t exactly not say that it is or isn’t almost partially incorrect.”

Shrek Lessons in Not Lying

Likes: 32,962+ | Shares: 1,007+ | Source: Shrek


Saw: Horror’s 10th Anniversary

The most successful horror franchise of all time returns to the big screen for its 10th anniversary. Relive the horror of Saw in theaters this HALLOWEEN for one week only.

Saw Relive the Horror

Likes: 45,816+ | Shares: 3,549+ | Source: Saw


The Constant Protector

Meet Gale: The Constant Protector from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

The Hunger Games Gale

Likes: 23,409+ | Shares: 2,393+ | Source: The Hunger Games


The Most Explosive Movie

See the most explosive movie event of the summer! EX3 is in theaters now!

The Expendables Best

Likes: 23,308+ | Shares: 3,257+ | Source: The Expendables


Diego is a Bit of a Scaredy Cat

Granny is fearless. Diego is a bit of a scaredy cat.

Ice Age Granny and Diego

Likes: 56,990+ | Shares: 1,946+ | Source: Ice Age


Transformers: Bugatti, Camaro, and the Big Rig

We’ve seen a Bugatti, Camaro, and the Big Rig – If YOU could have your own Transformer – what vehicle would you choose?

Transformers Cars

Likes: 281,213+ | Shares: 11,397+ | Source: Transformers


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Hawkeye’s archery training with a new photo from the set of Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” featuring Jeremy Renner and director Joss Whedon!

Avengers Age of Ultron Behind the Scenes

Likes: 52,558+ | Shares: 1,364+ | Source: Avengers


Vote for Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid

Parade Magazine hosts a vote for the Most Inspiring Teachers from TV and Movies.

The Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi is a strong candidate!

The Karate Kid Teacher

Likes: 2,775+ | Shares: 157+ | Source: The Karate Kid


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