Amazing baby smile, erupting volcano and serial killer meet in a heavenly white temple – Viral Briff

An amazing baby smile, an erupting volcano and a serial killer… all meet in a heavenly white temple with some brilliant text messages by parents and a quote from Martin Luther King – Viral Briff!

29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

I don’t know how they did it, but now we’re doomed. Click the source below the photo for the full list.

Parents Text Messages Buzzfeed

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Wise Words from Martin Luther King

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

Wise words. Thanks to Love Your Neighbor for the image!

Martin Luther King Quote Upworthy

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Baby Hears for the First Time

7-Week-Old Baby Hears For The First Time. His Smile Says It All.

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Here’s the best place you’ve never heard of. WOW.

This Place Is So beautiful… It Redefines Heavenly. Literally. Is This Real Life?

White Temple ViralNova

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Has DNA Evidence Finally Uncovered The Identity Of Jack The Ripper?

After years of investigations, guesses, and suspicions about the identity of Jack The Ripper, we may finally have a concrete answer thanks to DNA testing.

So who was it? A disgraced member of the royal family covered up in conspiracy? An aristocratic doctor with a deadly taste for prostitutes? Satan himself? From The Evening Standard:

The man behind the grisly killing spree in London’s East End has been unveiled as Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Polish immigrant who ended up dying in an asylum.

Jack the Ripper Identified Uproxx

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Weapons, check. Supernatural powers, check. Sparkles, check.

Photoshop Experts Hello Kitty-fy Masculine Superheroes With Sparkly Pink Costumes

Hello Kitty Thor Distractify

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Why Do Men Get Erections In The Morning?

It’s an amusing, albeit often highly inconvenient, phenomenon that half of the world’s population has to deal with on a regular basis. So what’s the science story behind that morning glory? Let’s find out.

For the full scientific explanation, click the source link below.

Morning Mood Explaind IFLScience

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This Video of an Erupting Volcano Will Make You Jump

Woah. Newly released footage of a volcano as it erupted in Papua New Guinea captures a plume of smoke bursting, a sonic boom and a man, amazed by it all, exclaiming “holy smoking toledos!”

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