Super kids – Dare to challenge them?

These super kids can do something you couldn’t imagine

When a baby is born, it’s a great occasion for parents and family members. It grows up with love and affection. Kids can make you laugh with their dumbness. It is loved by everyone. They are never punished for their deeds, but they are loved more, no matter what they do. It’s the prime age for dumbness. They learn every steps by doing mistakes and it makes them super kids. Anna (pronounced as Ahh-nna, like Madonna) created a funny platform to collect the early age dumbness and it’s very popular on social medias. It’s named as @kidsaretheworst on Instagram. People follows it to smile everyday. Kids can do something which elder people never does. Take a look what super kids can do.


This slipper is old, get a new one

This slipper is old, get a new one Super Kids

I’m not saying that slipper flip flops deserve to be in the toilet, but I am saying your kid might have the right idea. Just don’t flush. #ImKidding


Reminds me of Rikishi Phatu

Reminds me of Rikishi Phatu Super Kids

Sometimes during a difficult climb, you need to find a good spot to rest your weary, diapered bottom. Oh look, mom’s head! Perfect.


Red lips, Beautiful Lips

Red lips, Beautiful Lips Super Kids

I’m fairly certain I used to work with this lady. She was always anxious about deadlines.


Kung fu kick

Kung fu kick Super Kids

“Say” cheese. Not “smell” cheese.


King of his territory

King of his territory Super Kids

April Fools day is great with young kids, because one day a year their messes are just part of the fun. #DoYouLikeMyNewHat


Fun lies on mud

Fun lies on mud Super Kids

This makes me both jealous of the fun these girls have and relieved that I do not have to clean them up.


Every guy would dream, but he gets it only

Every guy would dream, but he gets it only Super Kids


Deodrant Biting

Deodrant Biting Super Kids

For those who struggle with the frustrating sweaty gums and teeth issue.
#AtLeastTheDeodorantLooksHappy #SmileyFaceForYourUnderarms


Choco bath

Choco bath Super Kids

I’m dreaming of a Nutella Castle with a Nutella moat surrounding the walls made of Nutella. #NutellaNutellaNutella #PreachNutella



Conversation piece.


This post was inspired by kidsaretheworst. Thanks! Photos in this special post were researched and collected from the @kidsaretheworst.


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