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Exterior Designs That Can Make You Like Pink

Pink Houses

Stylish Eve

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Classic Love Stories We Can Only Imagine Now-A-Days

“We lived in different cities when we first met, and once a month he’d come to visit me. The first time he made the trip, I woke up at 2 AM, and he was singing outside my window with three guitar players. There was a popular song back then called ‘Gema,’ and he changed it to my name, ‘Gena.'”
“Can you remember the words?”
“Eres la gema que Dios convirtiera en mujer para bien de mi vida.
Por eso quise cantar y gritar que te quiero mujer consentida.”
[You are the gem that God turned into woman to make my life better.
Thats why I want to sing and shout that I love you, beautiful woman.]”
(Mexico City, Mexico)

Humans of New York

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Make Your Home A Naturally Inspired One

Nature-Inspired Eye-Deceiving Wall Murals to Make Your Home Look Bigger ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Common Works By Lazy People

Pros and Cons of making food.




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Amazing Black Guy Using His Logics

Here’s one black guy’s completely reasonable response to the question of whether white people can have dreadlocks. – Maz Ali


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Little Boy Have The Power To Communicate With An Animal

There are no words for this one. The photos say it all.


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Children’s Honesty, You’d Never Find It In Elderly



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New Technology For The Super-fast Internet

Lasers could lead to super-fast internet.

I fucking love science

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Role Model For Every Single Women

“Personally, I think it takes some courage, and some cajones, to face life solo. Some days I feel brave. I’m learning how to weather life’s storms on my own, which is something I think all women should know how to do.”

The Huffington Post

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Microsoft Windows 10 Predicted Features

Why people are going to like #Windows10.


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